My worst nightmare is painting a bucket, simply because I fear I will mess up. Also due to the fact that unlike my old place in the US, or back home, when going through this project I lived ina small -- no, verry small apartment, and there is no place for a roomy work environment.

Sure enough, I ended up having to paint the bucket 4 times before it was right. Do your reasearch kids, and try to avoid buying paint in another language, cause you definately may get the wrong stuff. So here is basically how it progressed.

It arrived!!! Size comparrisons..

First attempt at painting the bucket:
The attept at the begining was successfull, but then the oddest thing started to happen, I sprayed a final coat of clear paint on top of everything and it started to bleed all over, and all my nice work was gon.
The biggest problem was that I had spent 3 hours painting the air rators and chin piece (Because they are fixed) and they are really hard to get in there to paint.

And yet another attempt:

Second attempt to repaint made me go for a more unified look between both buckets. I tend not to like the grey frown too much, so I went ith all black instead.

The problem as you can see from the above pictures is that there were bubbles that started to apear in the bucket. Not run marks, but actual bubbles.

And then the final attempt:

A final Look, I printed the stripes on clear sticky paper, and it ran off when it rained at an event. SO I repainted the bleedings (AGAIN) and used vinyl stripings for it... Havent complained yet!